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Best way to wager with low balance?

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Hello guys, I´m kinda new on stake and would love to wager myself my way to Bronze. I don´t have cash to gamble with over 100$ balances. Any tips with low risk wager gambling?

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Even with $10 you can wager a tonne.

Dice on autobet

Reset on win
On loss increase wager 9900%

Multiplier on win set at 1.0102

For example, if you view your balance in crypto your wager should be like this.

0.10000000 base bet (starting) and when it his a loss, you'll then bet 1.1 (from memory) coins and then win (most of the time) if it loses twice in row which ISNT often...then you'd be bumped to 11.1 coins or thereabouts and then should hit green and reset back to 0.1 base bet again. Is good when used on a decent coin of value...but the above base bet would be idea for TRX since you are unable to start with a balance of a god...

p.s the 9900% on loss catches your base bet and the % on loss when u lose that once or twice in a row...to be more precise 9804% would cover it but why not get a little more in the green from the wager when its at work by using 9900% lol?

I know i cant bet as big as the rest so this is my suggestion and i know it works. Its even more satisfying if you just dont 'need' the win and want the win...enjoy the bust when and if it does...You've gotten alot further than you'd have if u just bet normally already :P

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