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How to wager wisely??

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Always risk but I found in my personal experience that I could wager $0.20 minimum bets on slots and ramp it up over time. If I finally get a big win I leave and try elsewhere. This is perhaps just successful in my mind but I have found if I do 50 spins at 0.20 then 50 spins at 0.40 eventually I win something.

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25 minutes ago, enivas said:

I see a lot of people mention the win and run method with slots. Idk if it works but it's a fairly popular strategy.

I don't know if it works or not, but it's the way I have more fun with, which is why I gamble on the first place.
I think the other methods here are more reliable to wager, but it's just that, farming the VIP.

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As a new player, I stick to being a low roller (depo usually $200 or less per session) I'm way up in profit from Baccarat and Lightning Roulette, managing my bank roll using limbo/mines/dice very cautiously. I stay away from BJ. Crazytime is fun to play a handful of spins throughout the day and get out. Just found out about Football Studio and it's pretty good addition to bankroll management games. If I was a high roller I would definitely stick with my current "strat" if I can call it that

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