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What Is Ravelous?

RAVELOUS is a crypto-commerce platform intended to make buying and selling
items online in exchange for cryptocurrency simple.

Ravelous was made to help people buy and sell goods for crypto so that they can
acquire coins without having to divulge personal information to do so.

The ecommerce platform brings the security and trust systems of the darknet
markets, but the ease of use and familiarity of the clearnet (regular internet).

By making cryptocurrency more accessible to the average audience, we hope to
gain more usage and widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies beyond trading and long term

Get Paid In Crypto For New & Used Goods

Cryptocurrency is rapidly changing the way business has been done. Ravelous was made to help you take advantage by building a solid base of crypto holdings without investing through fiat.

Getting into Cryptocurrency should be simple, though at the moment this is not the case.

Cryptocurrency works best in the hands of many people so that all can benefit. Ravelous will be made to buy and sell clear-net goods through the marketplace in exchange for Cryptocurrency.

Get Paid In Your Preferred Cryptocoin

Sellers can accept many types of payments from buyers, and withdraw your balance in the token of your choosing, just as you would on an exchange. Buyers who do not have the currency the sellers prefer can exchange their coins for RAVE tokens which used for payment.

The RAVE tokens can also be traded for other coins, and will have a value backed by the crypto-marketplace and the RAVE treasury that will increase over time as the treasury grows in value.

Community Governed

Each new cryptocurrency that gets accepted as payment into the marketplace will be voted in by the community. To help this project go in the best direction, we will setup a community governance model to decide seller fees, what to do with development funds and to maintain the treasury.

The goal of the system is to use the latent talent and resources of our community to create a different way to save and invest in cryptocurrency than through traditional fiat methods or exacting gatekeepers.

Token Crowdsale

Up to 50 million tokens will be used for the crowdsale, and a separate allotment
will be used for the airdrop and bounties.

Any coins undistributed from the crowdsale/airdrop will remain in the treasury
for intermediary product transactions.

How the Crowdsale works:
During the crowdsale you can buy RAVE for a variable amount of ETH.
The earlier someone buys in, the more tokens they receive. When the
specified amount of RAVE is sold during the crowdsale, the price for
buying RAVE will increase.

We may create some special rewards for crowdfund participants, so we
encourage people to participate in the crowdsale.

Get free 200 Tokens from the below link : 


I feel like this coin has a godd future since this coin pays you for new and old clothes ;) 

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