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White label or build your own?

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The Crypto Gambling Foundation has released another beautiful article today about the importance of taking the opportunity to build quality products form the ground up, rather than regurgitating other peoples code. Crypto is a new booming era, with plenty of growth opportunities and the ability to create new and exciting products. Do you agree that your goals during this boom should be to help reinvent our current practices or do we take white label products and build our own marketing strategy?

Check out the article here: https://cryptogambling.org/articles/white-label-software-time-move/   

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I really love the "build your own" approach mostly . Its better and you dont rely on others for something. Plus building our own platforms from scratch offers a lot of customization and it can get new ideas to perform better in the real world . People do Whitelabel mostly because its an ez thing to do , rather than investing more time in something that could've been better . I have my own pet project idea for a small casino , i also thought of using things like moneypot , but then dropped the idea because it limits the project's idea . also it would not be different than other projects running the same things just in a different manner . Whitelabeling kills the creative factor of the project . and also building something from entirely nothing you learn new things when building which you can improve over time !

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While coding for a RNG should be pretty simple, it is actually much tricker than many people may think. This is especially so in the world of online casinos, as there is strict regulation that aims to ensure that gamers get an acceptable payback from the gaming providers.

In addition to this is the fact that a game’s in-built mathematics should factor in its own ‘hit frequency’. This determines the percentage for how often a payout is awarded to a player, and the success or a failure of a game is closely tied into how generous the coding is. After all, nobody wants to play a game that makes it near impossible to win.

This is why it’s good to get a good idea of the average player’s mindset before beginning the coding for any casino game. Reading the handy guide to blackjack at the Lucky Nugget Casino blog can give you a strong grounding in what players should be expecting from their online gaming experience.

But although there’s a wide range of complex casino gaming strategies, coding for a basic slots game can actually be fairly simple. While Flash-based gaming may be on its way out, you can still develop a reasonably playable slots game simulation with basic Java code.

However, most modern online casino sites now include slots games that boast some seriously impressive graphics and audio. And what’s more is that there are now even video simulations of table games like roulette and blackjack that feature a real-time dealer which would definitely be a real test of many of our coding skills.

Regardless of all of the recent modern innovations, the relative simplicity of the basic gaming mechanisms of casino games continues to make this mini-genre an enticing prospect for the budding coder.

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