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If I were a boy/girl..

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If one day I wake up being a girl, it would be really interesting. Firstly, I am gonna explore what's being a girl. Second, is to figure out how it happen. And last I am going shopping, its not going to matter now what my gender is. Bye girrrllll..



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i cant imagine i woke up to be a man..coz as i see my hubby i think i cant do the things he used to do..like he works..then after work..taking care of our 3 princess then doing house choirs...i love myself lol


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If i wake up being girl then first i will buy make up box 😂 and the help of youtube i will change my self in girl(sexy) and buying lots dresses and teasing my friends haha and i will doing like sexy girls all things like shopping, 💅makeups,👸💃💃👯👯partys & making new girl friends 🧑‍🤝‍🧑👫and chilling🥳🥂🍾 with them that full day will enjoying... Lots of thing i will do 🤣🤣😘that time but this not platform to share all that things hahahha...



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If i woke up and then i saw my self being a girl. First thing i`m gonna do is go to the bathroom and explore myself, when i say explore i mean just what the fuck just happened to me and being turned to a girl is doesn`t make any sense. when i accepted it, i will create onlyfans jk hahahhahahahaha



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3 minutes ago, Louellalang said:

If i were a boyyyyyy... Ill find a girl whose not Plat (PH Chat knows!🤣)

Not Plat in front...

Not Plat at the back...

Wooottt woootttt!!!! 


Oh gosh savage 😁.. you're going to do physical exam ? 😁

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Omg, my favorite one so far. If I were a boy, I would make sure to do everything in my power to show the girl that I love how much she means to me. I would walk through fire to make her happy and be able to spent the rest of my life with her. I would remember what heartbreak as a girl felt like and do whatever it takes to  not break the heart of the one I love. Sorry Ubbey, this one got me in my feels. Lol ❤️❤️❤️

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Of course, first of all, I'll be really surprised haha, so what I'm going to do is I'll just go to sleep again hahaha, maybe when I wake up, I'll be a woman again and only in my dream that I become a boy haha, but if that's the case, that by chance I woke up and became a boy well I'll accept that haha here it is ,there's nothing I can do haha, but whatever my gender is, I still won't stop being addicted to stake haha, stake is life  ❤️

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