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Meet and Greet 🤗

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I want to meet Eddie or ubbey and i have lots of questions for them 😅 my eng is poor thatswhy i not taking so much in chat room or group beacause lots of time change the meaning of whole sentense what i wrote 😅🙈😂🤣😆 hope if they meet then will taking and showing lots of things with them 😻😘😘

 🤠 spl with Eddie when i meet him playing with him on stake sure..hahah🤠

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I waana meet not one buy many ....


On the top ofcourse @Bitcoinzer he is nice guy and so supportive.

Then my dear bestiee @sleepyW as she the first few who became friend from when I started this journey and yes she still there as the nicest person i know,  and ofcourse how can I forget u @ubbey04  so supportive, kind hearted, helpful, friendly what else I say ....words will keep coming if I start.


Ahh and the list will also keep going, if I start mentioning all I guess.


Eddieeee 🤗🤗 I waana meet u too and learn a lot as thers a lot anyone cam learn from you and specially the simplicity that u have while u talk.



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1 hour ago, Laney0525 said:

@ubbey04, I wish. Oceans apart.....😢

No time ,space ,distance to someone dear to us. its a invisible connection/strings  that binds the hearts 

11 minutes ago, MarkoKu said:

I would like to see the first meeting of you and your king! :)

Oh my g .. 😍 who knows my dear .. life is full of surprises .. 

4 hours ago, sha4ravi said:

i want to meet you

Its an honor for me to meet you too my dear bhai 😊 

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