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Wagering strat to complete the low VIP levels

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On 6/8/2021 at 12:52 AM, 4kingacehole said:

So this strategy is strictly for quick wagering, not profit, unless you count the benefits and bonuses a higher vip level brings.

I used this method to go from bronze 48% to silver in under ten minutes. I used it on my wife’s account and went from silver 51% to gold in about 20 minutes.

On my account I lost a total of 24 dollars during the wagering (super lucky) but got 20 dollars in rake, 160 dollar vip bonus, and 12 tickets for the weekly raffle, definitely worth it.

My wife's account I lost 160 during the wagering (more realistic), got 28 dollars in rake and a 110 dollar bonus so I’m upside down on that one but the benefits not yet realized will cover those losses.

so here’s the strat and I’ll add some tips that I learned.

Game: Dice

win chance %98

bankroll minimum for this depends on your goal, are you trying to grind 50% of bronze? 100 bucks should cover it. 50% of silver? 200 is more likely.

I haven’t attempted gold to plat yet because I don’t think it’s that kind of strat, im afraid I’d lose too much for it to be productive.

bet size varied a bit, for me I went with 10-20 dollar bets with a 200 dollar bankroll and and 5-10 with a 100 dollar roll.

here’s the secret to this strategy (I’m not the first I’m sure). With the right amount of luck and attention, this little piece here can make or break this strategy. The setup is using the advanced settings tab as seen in the pictures below. 

create a new strategy with the following settings.

On every x bets change the over/under. In my experience I had some luck with every 4-10 bets any thing lower and you’re risking the double whammy of dice roll hitting above 98 and then below 1 at the exact time yours changes, it happens often. Or you could get lucky and it happens to miss both, luck is definitely required. Any thing more than ten bets before switch is potentially safe but could also be asking for trouble since I see the dice roll either above 98 or below 1 once in about every 10 -20 rolls. 

The trick for me is to pay close attention to the animation and Channel my inner ocd to try and pick out the patterns, if I see what looks to be a shift in the O/U pattern that doesn’t benefit my current o/u setup I stop the auto bet and manually switch it, then restart. On approx 1000 bets I have an average of 8-20 losses with this setup.

Other settings i use but not necessary is the instant setting for speed and a stop loss setting Incase I’m not watching my bankroll or I get sidetracked from real life.

I change the seed if I feel it’s banging the outsides of the number line, and always have my stats up while rolling to see how losses that can at times be missed in the animation.

let me know what you think good or bad.

if it helps you get your bonus you know what to do ;)  any questions?





That means bro in every 10-20 rolls change the bet to over/under How much basebet do we put?

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Love your tip 4kingacehole. I'm doing this (more or less) but on manual mode coz the autobet scares me a lot. Hahaha. But good tip! I do this with $0.01 and it becomes maybe $5 when I'm lucky with more than $100 wager before Stake eats it all up. I'm more of a super low risk gambler. Hahaha. Born scared. Another condition that I do with this is when I lose, I bet the same amount after that then the next I increase it 2x or 4x or if I'm feeling lucky, I put it on max so it'd be easier to recoup the loss (cents, I know but still a loss). So there. My 0.01 cent. ☺️

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15 hours ago, 4kingacehole said:

Yikes man that sounds like either a bad seed or the over under was just on the wrong end at the worst time…. I had better luck having the over under switch at around 15 bets. I typically can go 2-300 wins before a single loss.

when the bet first starts pay attention to the rolls near each end and once the dice hits earthed below 2 or above 98 stop the autobet. If the roll was a loss for you switch the o/u and the switch it back again so it will have 15 fresh rolls on the side that was just hit. If it was a win swap the o/u so that it’s on the side the dice just hit. I do this and have pretty good results. Of course there is always the possibility of a rank seed. I had a couple runs of 9 losses in the first hundred until I did what I just mentioned. I can confidently say I can run this with 200-1 w/l ratio most the time which still isn’t a profit type of strat but works great for quick wager and the rakeback is always nice. 


my stats will show that the wager is pretty strong 



Just need your ten posts huh?😂

i am about to try ur strat again tomorrow. thx for all the info. keep it up 

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j'ai deja essayer une stratégie similaire pour mon passage bronze a 10 cts 20 cts et j'avoue que si la seed n'est pas bonne sa peut vite descendre sur des mise a 5 ou 10 . mais je garde cella de cote et test au prochain bump 

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Posted (edited)
On 6/17/2021 at 10:55 PM, Lord Beerus said:

Do you have any other strategy? I am 72% bronze, and I wanna go silver 

I could get you there in ten minutes man. If you got 50-100 bucks just throw 5 dollar bets on with 98% and change ou every 15. Could also throw a marti condition on there to increase bet on loss by x% where x is the amount lost and then another condition to reset on win. I believe at 98% you’d need to increase base bet by an astronomical amount though like a 250 dollar if my math is correct.

having said that if you follow all my tips you can get silver in under ten minutes with 50-100 dollar bankroll.


another wager strat I use is limbo 10x target with a .25-50 cent bet with an increase in loss of 2% and a reset on win. This is more of a profit strat imo but it can be the opposite with a bad red streak so be careful but I’ve run this strategy from 1000 Satoshi up to 300 bucks before 

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