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Do you know how to cook?

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I'm a chef but I'll be honest I don't enjoy cooking. Fun fact, most (when I say most, obviously there's exceptions, maybe it depends on the country but that's how it is in many European countries) chefs eat shitty pre-made food from the store, because cooking is too closely related to work.

The pork roast is one of my absolute favorite dishes. The rind is kept on, sliced extremely thinly (otherwise it will stay chewy) and sprinkle a generous amount of seasalt over it, no need to season the bottom. You can get fancy adding spices, like cloves, but for me just straight up salt works best.

Also quick tip, with roasts of any kind, they cook more evenly if the top is level, so you don't have one thin part of the roast on the bottom and the thicker part obviously raised higher. The easiest way to fix this is simply putting a vegetable under the thin part, raising it up enough to level out the roast.

I also love placing the roast on a rack with vegetables underneath, nothing better than pork fat roasted vegetables.


The result is an amazing pork roast with a crispy rind and fat that melts in your mouth.



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