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Please, change minimum wager for chatting to 1k or 2k usd daily


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please change minimum wager for chatting to 1k or 2k usd daily.

most players are abusing the chat, they beg winners and troll real players.

some are plats that might have dubiously gotten the account, they dont play or wager, but come in to harass , bully and cause mayhem in the chat/

i know like 2 people that have not wagered for 2 months now but they keep begging and harassing the real players that actually wager.

i am ready to prove this to any support that wants me to prove it.

please eddie and admin, kindly increase the minimum amount required to chat daily to 1k or 2k.

this way most beggars , bullies and broke players that only log in to harrass real players will be weed out.

i hope you consider ths suggestion for the benefit of the site.


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No I don't like that idea. Chat is important for community. I dont know in what chat you are. At our German chat most people dont wager more than 1k per day but we are a friendly and cool community. That rules would break down community not need something like that. Wager for rain already got increased, so I think that's enough. You can ignore rest of begging people who not got banned after short time.  

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Honestly; it's actually quite sad and cringe to see the beggars in the chat. $100 wagered daily could be a good low bottom line. Or at least a certain status like silver maybe - that way it filters out the new or never played players that fill it up - easier to mute less people.

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  • Tamara changed the title to Please, change minimum wager for chatting to 1k or 2k usd daily

I strongly disagree with the idea of increasing the chat wager, especially if it's daily. Not everyone can make such amounts of wager, but they enjoy spending time in this casino for years without being beggars. There are moderators who are obliged to keep order. And there are a lot of moderators now, as for me. So make screenshots and send it to moderators or support. I've been here since the founding of the casino. I play little, but no one has ever called me a beggar. My reputation is impeccable. Why should I suffer without communication just because there are people who like to live at someone else's expense? I talk here more often than I play. We have a great company in the chat of those who have been playing for a long time and we are pleased to communicate. And let the moderators ban the beggars

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