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Are you ready for Stake 4.0?


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Well first of its really good to know we are going to complete 4 years of Stake and from here there is only upside. 

Since its Stake 4.0, we already know there will be lots of prizes, but I would expect 4 new things (since its 4.0 😜) :

1. Please introduce USDT coin on stake

2. Improve eSports book on stake 😭

3. Do a live stake staff celebration party stream 

4. Send us a pizza. 🤤


And lastly I speak from the whole community's heart, bonus drops 👀👀

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1 hour ago, thengyah said:

what's new on 4.0?


52 minutes ago, xrflive said:

What happened in the last anniversary ? (August 8 2020)

A lot of giveaways 😍

1 hour ago, Flan said:

I didn't expect that it's almost 4 years :D 

Who knows? Stake always having something surprising to people, so you can wait for that :) 

Yeah ,still going strong and growing.  Pretty sure there's a lot of something "big" incoming 😁

Thank you so much for commenting on these post 😘

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It will be interesting to see how Stake will update the features they offer to gamblers and punters.

1)Adding stablecoins and letting Stakers to exchange the altcoins inside the website 

2) Showing real and theoretical RTP, so users will have an idea how much the slot paid in last days / weeks. 

3) For sports, adding more choices will give us better options to choose and we will not stuck between main 1x2 or under/ over on third world soccer matches. 

4) Adding better layout for live soccer stats and alert function when goal or corner scored in chosen bet sounds cool. 


5) Upgrading servers to better capacity, so as Stakers we will enjoy lag-free content. Letting users to Whitelist the two IP address is good idea to prevent abuse of both bonuses and to protect the servers from "bad boys". 

6) For forum, offering small bonuses when the member's rank goes up or letting members to earn passive income with writing constructive posts. 


7) If the user got muted on chat, he/she should be able to tip other Stakers. I don't understand the main reason why user can't  send tips after mute. The next version of this to suspend withdrawals until end of mute...


😎 Let platinum and above users choose the time frame when they want to claim monthly. Monthly coupon shouldn't be on a random date, so let the higher ranks to make their choice if they don't want to deposit and play with house money. 



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I expect to see a brand new exclusive sponsorship with the great UFC fighter that goes by the name of Gary the Alien.

Special moves include pounding his opponents into financial submission, knock out by bust and his famous "an error has occurred". Cant wait!


PS. Id also like to see coin converting , usdt , less bots/alts and less skem.

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we are all excited for what will going to happen on stake 4.0 🤩 hopefully less errors and less lag for much better playing experience. when you hear the word anniversary of course there will always be bonuses and cool challenges with awesome rewards and that would give more excitement to us. hoping stake would release new game too😁

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