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Are you ready for Stake 4.0?


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yes, I have a few expectations apart from bonuses ;).
First of all, I hope that the design of the site is slightly changed or something is added. Of course, the addition of a few crypto currencies is among my expectations.
The most important one among my expectations is the improvement of indispensable lags, freezes, ddos attacks and occasional bugs.
I hope stake 4.0 brings more big wins to all of us!.

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while everyone is expecting big giveaways and im sure that will happen

i would also like some new things to be added and old ones to be upgraded




maybe a new stake original game ?

improvement in sports offerings especially esports(prop bets etc)


more smooth chat


maybe even a new stake logo ? every company upgrades their logo eventually and stake is bigger then ever so why not now :)


Personally i love the daily telegram challenges and nowadays stake userbase is very big but the winners are still 10. would love for it to be 15 


And a big stream by our lovable eddie as always :)  and maybe support stream too! been a long time for that



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I can only speculate a stablecoin coming. I do hope and pray that Stake revamps their servers. In fact I know they will. Just think of the great improvements we had over the years. If 4.0 is as big or bigger than 3.0 we are in for a huge treat!


Oh yeah.. I bet obsidian will be offical.

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now my idea is  stake should have own currency for protect player from the price that going crazy in market like one player that win a lot and then he sleep after he wake up it like a joke on that day he lost 40%+ after wake up hahahaa

if i were Eugene i will answer I need a refund pls!!! @Eugene265 hahaha


and another i want  to see is daily race should separate ppl who play original and slot or sport 

and bonus should have the standard like monthly fix the date and the standard of how giving bonus

i need to see more transparency of management and responsibility for stakeholders  and rb should decreasing time that sometime take too long waiting 

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wow time sure does fly.    It seems like only yesterday it was September of 2017 when  I joined this amazing community  and the best crypto gambling site ever.  it has such been a privilege to watch Stake grow and I am excited to see what Stake 4.0 has instore for us all.

im hoping for less lag and more fun...

 i really am not sure what to expect but knowing the Stake staff i'm sure we will love it.💖


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1) Stablecoin - USDT please, Eddie.

2) Better chat. Fix the chatbot. It's been gone for 3 months. And these days chat is too laggy cause of the overload of players. Should make it such that you can scroll to see a lot more of what you missed in chat.

3) Stake Originals games need to not lag.

4) As mentioned by someone above, the withdrawal option should have saved addresses option. Like an address whitelist.

5) Biggest giveaway ever. Something like the April 1 Million dollar race, but where it's all down to luck, and not down to wager amounts. This means poor people on here can become "rich" overnight.

6) As mentioned above too, why not add a Texas Hold Em Poker game? Where players can play against other players, like Stars. Just add the poker lobby, Eddie!

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Stake 4.0

Happy birthday my dear stake, 

please always give more than you take.

I love coming back to you,

More when I win that is true.


I had some crazy wins at stake,

but that’s not the only thing that’s great.

community is awesome too,

I found many Great ppl but I don’t tell who. 

Rewards system blows my mind,

how can stake still be so kind.

I will play there every day, 

i love you stake happy Bday.

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