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I’m so done with Crash!!!

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So previously I started a thread saying how crash didn’t let me cash out on a 6k bet was told to set auto cash out. I mean what’s the point of that. I’ve set 2x cashout much lower that what I’ve normally put now as you can see at least 7 rounds this week on crash caused me so much problems there’s no way to cash out the round didn’t even show on my screen! 
ive seen streamers on Roobet placing 25x on crash but cash out way below their take profit. That’s the point of crash isn’t it? So I don’t understand why stake would propose placing auto cash out or constantly blaming on the players when we sound off an issue.

wish I could post a video here but i can’t so I’ll break it down.

1st pic: placed 2 $100 bets but as the round hit my tp both bets were rejected and error message shows up after my tp was hit. M

2nd pic: placed 2 $100 bets but I had no cashout button ( stuck on bet button )and the results showed 0.00x. If it’s 1.00x I would admit I’ve lost but 0.00x and no cashout lol no idea what happened here.

3rd pic: bet $100 with the same issue stuck at bet button, no cashout button. 

4th pic: bet $1000 hanged at 1.00x the round didn’t even start no cashout button no movement at all. 

5th pic: bet $100 from previous pics where it’s stuck at bet this time round it prompt me to bet next round instead of cashout button

Yup so it’s been 5 days and there’s still isn’t an explanation from stake







Link to what happened previously on crash few weeks ago


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I've strayed from my only game of choice to crash for a few rounds and can confirm it does get annoying when you've clicked cashout and the game continues for a few seconds and doesnt pay the cashout and shows as that you missed it.
Its think one needs to screen capture if need for those whom are making big bet amounts in the game, just record the screen and make sure you have autobet active and cashout set to say 1000 so u can get a couple of decent runs when u think you are able, then when you click cashout the button will change from 'Cashout' and show the words 'Stop Autobetting' to confirm your game-play and command for future payouts not being registered.

That to me explains the game has rec'd my command but chooses to negate my payout if and when that same occurs in the future.

Sorry if thats just a bunch of nothing, i feel its somewhat a way around cashout not paying even before it goes red and having a fair advantage when wanting to get your gameplay verified.

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I’ve been playing on roobet and never encountered this situation. 
I expected when there was no cashout button or the game hanged on me and again without the choice to cashout stake would take responsibility for the game. Unfortunately instead of giving an explanation or resolving the games which had an error nothing was done except to blame the player or suggest other games. 

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of all sites stake crash is the worst !!

once i played for 2weeks only crash and never hit over 100x

i played like for 2hours straight every round in a row!

it only goes high if i miss to join 1round cuz of lag or direcly after i bust! 

its like counting bets! 

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I think it's best to stick to the other games specially the third party providers lately, I myself was a fan of crash but by looking at the current site performance one can't really rely on crash to make some money unless you're auto betting. Since it gets hard to cashout during massive lags

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