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What have you bought out from your winnings?


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Some of us made a spectacular wins from casino or sports book. @Edward always said ,when you are up cash out and buy something out from your winnings for yourself or your loveones  so you won't be able to return back to the site and degen it.. 

Can you share with us some of those things you do or bought from winnings ?

Below is the last gift from stake ..I mean ,I bought from my monthly bonus 😊


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well simply i am fix my grandmas place on.cemetery so they will know how i.am realy love her and bcos of stake i am fix the place of.my.grandma.at.the cemetery of.course its.weird but reality is the best sometimes beung.true put me in bad but stakes are teach me to be contended on one  means no alt only one.muahhbb


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i am not get the forum thats.why
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1 minute ago, LengenDaryl said:

As I can remember, it was last March, it was just a small win. I bought an Adidas slip on slippers. It rocks with me right now. 

Its not about how much the costs but the value of it .. serves to be a souvenir. 

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I don't keep records of all my buyings so cannot tell exactly what all I bought for my family. Clothes, groceries, home repairs are some to list and yes I bought Gold ring which my wife has gifted to someone. For myself, I bought a simple affordable mobile phone which helps me stay update when I am in relax mood.

I would like to buy a new bullet for myself but I guess that could be possible after I reach platinum so I am little away from that.


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