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Top player monthly vip bonus

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Hey just want to ask what did you guys get for the top monthly player bonus. 
ive wagered 4.6m and got 1k bonus seems a little Low and also not profiting this month(-26k)

hope this is a calculation mistake as 1k bonus for 4.6m is only 0.000217%

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You can't really just say "I wagered X amount and only got X bonus for "top player".  Add weekly bonus x 4.  Add daily or hourly bonuses that you get every single day of the month.  Then monthly, which has become pretty nice since they removed the cap.  Add ALL of those bonuses together to paint an accurate picture.  When you do so (add it all up), you will find that Stake gives out more coin w/ no strings attached than basically any legitimate book in the entire world.

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