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Originals or Live?

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Some of the greatest runs players have made were from Plinko and Keno. However, i prefer mines and i find them rather fun. I do enjoy some live games, but they are a little slower paced for me. :)

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Any Stake OG remembers when there were only Stake Original games on the site. Then, when the "Scarab Spin" slot was announced, the "coming soon" phrase started when people were waiting months for a new game. Now, new games are being released daily/weekly now there are new slot providers.

However, I will always have a soft spot for the stake originals. Stake wouldn't be what they are today without them, and you can never forget where you came from. 🙂

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sometimes I'm afraid to play Originals especially Stake Blackjack knowing how many times the Dealer would yoink my cards. And Also I kinda find Blue Samurai meh , it's hard to win good payout in there.


But I love Plinko , Crash and Limbo 

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