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Are bonus buys worth it

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I wouldn't do bonus buys as a strategy in the sense of going all in with several buys, but from time to time if you have had a nice win or got a good rakeback/bonus you might go for a random bonus buy and try your luck.

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On 7/15/2021 at 10:45 PM, legalop said:

Nope, I honestly feel like it's just doing bigger spins, and unless you gamble to make money.

Playing longer and having fun with just doing normal spins is better in my opinion,

it also makes hitting the bonus more satisfactory 😉.

I Agree with this 100% It's more fun to summon that bonus yourself without buying also you can bit bigger to get some cash back from the spins maybe some big wins and to get a fat paying bonus instead of wasting money and buying an expensive bonus with no luck. 😄


Best Of Luck Stakers! 🥰

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