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Do you think changing your seed to a winners seed helps?

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I don't know as well haha. But I just have the habit of changing from time to time. Sometimes I hit a good payout multiplier in Plinko in early nonce, Sometimes not. So I keep changing seeds.


(I'm not much knowledgeable about client seed things)

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On 7/18/2021 at 9:46 AM, munchu said:

How do you change your seed? And also do you guys think if a slot hasn't paid or got the bonus yet, it will come in the same session?

Below the game, like on a stake original, you'll see where it says fairness. Click that. 

The first seed is your current one& the none and how many bets you've played with that seed.

Below it is another box with a random seed(usually letters and numbers) pretyped. You can either use that one of erase it and type your own. And then click change. 

Now the one you entered will be in the top section and a new randomly generated one will be at the bottom.




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