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Biggest Tip You Ever Received 💰💰


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I don't know how to show a screenshot because i'm fairly new on Stake , you got an impressive tip in there, $23k that's insane, tell us more on how you got it, my biggest tip was $50 from BOUNTYHUNTY3 and i tipped him back $25 so in the end it was a $25 :)

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Biggest tip showing in my transactions is 1.2k.. But that was for a prearranged transaction. 

Biggest actual tip from a friend is $50.

Biggest tip from a total stranger was $10 and happened only yesterday. 


Biggest actual tip sent was around $200 for a giveaway. 

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Posted (edited)

That is definitely from Bitcoinerz after he won huge.

Look at the date.


Now there are rumors that he lost most... hope you helped him back out...


As far as me? $100 dogecoin tip from some random guy who won big and said Next to type in chat gets $100 lol. and i was talkin about some other topic

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