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How long does it take to payout these promotions?

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Normally the forum promotions get "payed out" on tuesday or the latest on wednesday. There will be a bonus link posted on the forum threads and you have to click those (if you finished the promotion successfully only of course) and can collect your bonus that way. You have to do it manually though and it doesn't get send to you automatically, so yeah, always make sure to not forget to collect it after you done one.

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about 2-3 days. 

Always wondered why stake doesn't simply hire 2 more people for the forum, they have clearly the money for it looking at those stupid promotion-deals they've going.

I mean the admin here does a good job, but he's clearly overwhelmed by the work. A faster review and consequent payout would be much appreciated by everyone I think.

It really kinda takes the fun out of some of these challenges, when the reward is that much delayed. 

And good casino-owners should know - keep the gratification loop as short as possible. 

No disrespect to the Board Admins, they're doing a bang up job if anyone asks me. Should just be more.

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