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[$40,000] NFL Survivor Pool 2021

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On 8/12/2021 at 1:59 AM, Darko said:


NFL Survivor 2021

Entries close: 09/09/21

Welcome to the second annual Stake NFL Survivor pool!

As Stake turned 4 years several days ago we have decided to up the prizes 4 times compared to the last year! Yeah, you read that correctly - utilize your NFL knowledge and with some luck win up to $40,000🤑

Last season we had a blast with the survivor so hoping to see even more people joining in on the fun. There were a lot of participants simply fading the Jets or the Jags week in and out, can you find a team to bet against this year or will you try different tactics?

How to join:

1. Create an account on https://www.nfl.com/ and go to this page https://survivor.fantasy.nfl.com/

2. Join our group

Group name: StakeSportsbook2021
Password: StakeSurvivor

(You can also find the group through this link: https://survivor.fantasy.nfl.com/group/97746)

3. From here, you will need to pick a team that you think will win each week. The catch? You can only pick each team once!

4. Once joined & picked, post your Stake.com username and your NFL.com username here on this topic!

5. One account per household.

Prize Pool Distribution: 

  • Under 100 entries: $12,000 prize
  • 100 - 249 entries: $20,000 prize
  • 250 - 499 entries: $30,000 prize
  • 500+ entries: $40,000 prize

Everyone that reaches week 10 will split the 10% of the prize pool.

The winner will get 90% of the prize pool (if there are multiple winners they will split that 90% of the prize pool evenly).

Survivor: alexds12

stake: desentisalex1

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