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$400,000 Birthday giveaway winners #15


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Birthday winners claim $10,000 here! 

$10,000 winners

6826 - szakii16
970384 - SirLittlePony
554627 - MalteseFalcon
713206 - Predictable
610709 - MalteseFalcon
873484 - kolloh
1256806 - outathisworld
1124085 - moemoney23
628947 - MalteseFalcon
480927 - MalteseFalcon
518367 - Eddyz
154135 - bigraybet2
511947 - finneastwood02
76621 - aytunc
904191 - OG117
818162 - kolloh
534282 - MalteseFalcon
161785 - airvinsanity
993489 - kolloh
185638 - Oopsipooped
860180 - kolloh
786012 - Predictable
187261 - xknx
684609 - TySoFresh 
196709 - ALLanGREEN
1005437 - kolloh
1111671 - renegade123
393072 - Ca1803
105151 - ilovetrain
632849 - Abcsmart123
208517 - Icyhovo
33884 - brianna0608
40969 - powerhouse10
484822 - MalteseFalcon
141717 - ggmu2000
165493 - BennyMines07
4623 - mrsk8er990
898841 - Menergi7
223575 - papigambles2
836587 - lyzrds

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1 hour ago, stuckmojo said:

60k to one person.......makes sense

I know eh? I think a majority of these super-positive, "congrats winners" ppl are actually paid staff members. (They employ this tactic on games like Crazy Time.) Nobody is happy that his buddies continue to win these prizes. Starting to seriously consider heading back to my other gaming site(s). 

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6 hours ago, bitblogger said:

These giveaways are trash, u got 2 people taking up 10 of the prizes

I think it'll be best to avoid the hype surrounding these raffles. hardly any sense betting specifically to accumulate tickets when most ppl are dwarfed by ultra high rollers. 

6 hours ago, Valeron said:

every year stake more honest and honest

never stop proud this guys

absolutely angels 👺

Honesty is measured on a progressive scale, eh? So, at some point, Stake was (or is) less than fully honest? I see

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I am happy to win 1 of the prizes. the total number of ticket i got was 1220. To be fair, if i have got pick twice i will be more happy. But for those 2 highrollers, i think they deserve it as well since they really wager so much, but whether the money is a big deal for them is another story.

but for me the 10k really brought me happiness and suprises~

It's really not about the money but the feeling of winning a lucky draw


The 50k giveaway dated 7/17/2021, i have got 5775 tickets but win nothing...

so i guess luck does matter~ unless we are super high roller like maltese...

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Damn must be nice. MalteseFalcon gets to enjoy $60k and kolloh gets to enjoy $50k… kg562 gets to enjoy busting all day on stake and partial winning what was previously lost. More like partial recovering only to bust all over again. 

Big congrats though winners

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