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Hey guys,

We've recently opened testing of our newest version of Stake on beta.stake.com. This update is a front end rewrite which aims to speed up the website alongside some small design/UX changes.

You won't notice many new features but we hope you'll be able to appreciate the increased performance :)

I invite anyone who wishes to test this version to kindly leave any feedback on this thread. There's likely still some bugs we need to iron out & we'd love your help

Please ensure you understand this is a public beta. Play with caution 😎

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I can feel the performance boost tbh, on stake.com its like sooo laggy, like you for example play hilo, every new damn card takes 30 seconds to load sometimes even on phone/pc. On beta.stake.com i haven't had nothing like that, so i guess it works. The UI seems smoother aswell, and is more "modern" then it is atm on stake overall.

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When claiming reloads, I hide zero balances where xrp and few other coins where hidden , I wanted to claim in XRP but xrp and other coins were also hidden on the reload tab..

I have to go back again and unhide zero balances..

I hope the reload tab will also show in fiat values.


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Amazing. This beta version is too good to be real. The lag on stake was irritating but this beta version is smooth. Good work team and good luck with making it better and better.

Haven't found any bug till now and I hope I won't find any and edit this post :)

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When trying to log-in at first there is a delay for almost like 40sec to 1 min before you can input your 2fa even if you solve the captcha, and then after that  i tried to  logout , and the process is much faster compared to first log-in 

Dice- super smooth especially with Instant bet

Blackjack- kinda bit lag , dont know if its  internet connection but it maybe delay to show results compared to v.3 

Currency- not all is working like php, krw etc..


Congrats on launching beta v.4 for testing stake👏







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After going through in detail it has been found that stake need to upgrade his platform and following options may also be introduced:-

1. Proper android and iOS apps. 

2. Chatroom upgrading including pic sharing etc.

3. Sending and receiving friends requests.

4. Some new currencies. 

5. Rakeback & Boost reward increasing. 

6. New graphical and beautiful interface. 


Hopefully stake Administration will look into it. 

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2 hours ago, Angel173 said:

sir eddie, the beta version actually smooth working but i suggest the background on the balances should be black in color not white coz It’s really  just too bright for me causes discomfort or eye pain. thank you in advance.

Agree with this. If it's dark mode make it all dark mode.


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The performance of this new beta version is remarkable and during normal play the lag is hardly noticeable and its really smooth during autoplay. However there is this bug where bets entered in manual play is not carried over should we select automode.



Suggestion :- The restore link for transfer of Bet Amount between Manual and Auto modes.

The newly added fiat currencies are being converted from crypto to fiat amounts. The original ones like USD, Euro and JPY are functioning.


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The New beta version is way smoother .. awesome work guys

Could be awesome to have the choice to show this window in the same color as the website or just darker .. (same in the Vault)

There is also an issue when you try to watch a stream on the beta version (noticed that during UFC stream last night)
I tryed again just now on a random MLB matches, stream was working corectly (i reported the bug throught the form last night, already fixed ? ur so quick if so :D) or maybe its only on UFC ^^

The new button to play on the same game as someone is rly cool too 


There is a Bug about Emote in chat, screenshot taken from the beta image.png.436996f3abcc9a278fb6a04ff4fbec76.png

For Exemple if you send the Nyancat emote who is available on the stake beta but on the normal one, ppl will just see an empty message

Personally i didnt really like the way to see your past betting (now it just show the 10s/15s of ur last bets, didnt really reflect your total of Win/Loss) 

There is also an Error when you try to confirm your phone on the Beta version

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1) Better translations, now I can see "Play Smarter Stake" in my own language.
2) Images/thumbnails of games load much faster.
3) Good bigger buttons on settings

1) The coin selector has white background, is it an error?
2) When you change the language, some longer words got cut on the beta, compare NOW vs BETA:


Technical stuff: I think devs did a great job with the loading order of the elements by splitting the javascript and css files: now everything load faster in parallel and not one after another as before. I guess the new method requires more CPU power of the server, though.

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Live stat shows only some of the last bets on my mobile.  
Everytime I reopen the chat - I’m in the English room, it’s not the case not on beta  

Some new fiat currencies to display were added recently, but in beta it’s impossible to play (or rather to choose) in 3rd party slots something other than USD, EUR and JPY

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