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2 hours ago, Tristan said:

Simple and convenient! But be careful sending to and from Binance directly to Stake or any other services associated with gambling as they may lock/suspend your account or funds. Always use a personal wallet in between! :D 

Noted, thank you for that. I havent had sny problems yet but gonna do as you said. 

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Simply to use, good lookin design with very clear interface. That's what you usually want from the platforms like this. You know, I've been in crypto field for 4 years already and worked with many apps like binance, but they didn't satisfy me much. The big part of them are pretty scummy, others are just not comfy enough. But in the recent times I discovered many cool projects and apps.  Even yesterday my colleague shared with me a good crypto converter  that converts currencies fast and without problems. I wonder what else can be found in the near future.

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Do not use coinbase, it is based on USA, and all your data is send to the IRS and government.
Also, I don't recommend to use Binance for the american market (binance.us), another trash.

Check for example Poloniex, it was awful when it was based in USA, and now it has moved to other countries and you have more services (futures, lending, investment pools), less fees, higher limits and less intrusive KYC.

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