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Did you ever think of quitting gambling?


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6 minutes ago, cincang said:

I try making profit here, need hard work, observation, learn about rtp each provider. I think, i not gambling

wish you luck and good strategies... learning how to do and manage  as early makes some profits

13 minutes ago, Jane10 said:

I just started on stake so I haven't thinking about quitting.

Goodluck on your gambling journey mate👍

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I'm not that addicted yet. Real addiction starts with a huge win, and my biggest one is so far is 4k which is not that much. Playing small is just enough to scratch that itch, and I plan to keep it this way (hopefully I'll manage).

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2 hours ago, Zamia2001 said:


Simply No, its addictive like coffee🍵...coffee is life therefore gambling is ____ too 😄😄😄

How about you?

Yeah.. I thought of it every time I am losing..but when winning, it was fun all the way to the max...maybe if I win a good amount to start a business..


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