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Stake should add it's own coin


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pls i want to add this suggestion

why  staake dont have virtual coin  ... this coin we can use  it as test for  games


this will not worth  money only for test games


and we can use it in challenge 


i mean u can change system of challengee 

insteaad it viaa telegram and room  it is so hard ... but u  can use this coin as new challenge ... every plaayer can claim some  coins from this new virtual coin ... claimed depend on vip level

and we can play with thiss coin at any game  we want  in  the day ... after time finished .. the players who have more  coin s  will win thee challenge


for xample i have 20 million frrom  this coins and im first player make this  win then i get big prize

second will get prize but lower me 



i hope to make this new system


and  thaanks

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I think it's not a bad idea and doable, but making challenges with that or having a leaderboard etc. are things stake wouldn't want because it would make 'play money' mean something to players and stake wants people to use real money so they can earn money. 

What I'd really like to see is being able to use USDT or some other stable coin since I love playing at stake but I'm not a coin investor and I'd rather to play with usd.

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  • 2 weeks later...

i remember eddie saying there gonna have new coins... when pfff.. been over 2 months. 
and some other coins hopefully shiba ... and one coin... 

be cool too if you could "STAKE" your coins in vault... always that temptation to gamble. 

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  • MilicaR changed the title to Stake should add it's own coin

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