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Hello! Up to 50% weekly refund of stake?


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  • Hello! Up to 50% refund of lost bet?
  • There could be a refund of up to 50% of the lost bet?
  • Rules for receiving stake refund: For every 1x you wager the total amount of your deposit, you will accumulate 1% of the total amount deposited, the refund amount will be calculated on the total balance deposited during the week. For example: A player deposited $200 per day to play, at the end of the week he will have a total volume of $1400 deposited, if during the 7 days he lost $1000, he will receive 1% refund only for the loss, if he managed to bet 10x your deposit amount and during the week lost $1000 he would be entitled to a 10% refund of your lost deposit amount, but if this player managed to wager 1x your deposit amount he will be entitled to a refund of 1 % of lost value deposited. The maximum allowable weekly refund would be between 1% and 50%. To be eligible the player will have to wager at least 1x the amount of your deposit, every time you manage to wager the initial amount of your deposit you would earn a 1% refund. Eligible players could redeem their refunds via a coupon, or would have an option near the VIP level of the player's account where they could redeem their weekly refund.
  • Good luck and good profits!ūüėČ
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13 minutes ago, needosora said:

i don't really understand what you mean lmao

Hello! 1% of $1000 equals $10, so 10% refund of $1000 lost, you'll get $100, but if you get 50% refund of $1000, you'll get $500 back.

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I added more information.
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