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Stream giveaway ideas


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For the Giveaway,

I suggest to pick from Eddies Weekend Forum Giveaway thread and ask them for a Slot for Bonus buy and they win the whole Profit.


Also, Save Robina from the Kidnappers.

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Set an amount first and make an automated wheel with different multiples of $ per people.

For example: 2000$ is the value you want to giveaway:

  • 1$ to 2000 people (have 100 of these on the wheel)
  • 2$ to 1000 people (have 70 of these on the wheel)
  • 4$ to 500 people (have 20 of these on the wheel)
  • 10$ to 200 people (have 10 of these on the wheel)
  • Finally add 1 section on the wheel that says DOUBLE and that obviously doubles all and you re-spin.

***Obviously change the multiples and values to suit***

Spin the wheel and what it hits, it what we get.

Thank you.

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  • Hello! An exciting idea? Come on! There could be a live stream on UFC fight days or WATFORD FC games, with Eddie participating, or vip host and other stake staff, they could go to the venue and do the live stream while there . Have you ever thought of a live stream with a $10,000 draw for players? Would Eddie or another Stake team be on a live UFC fight broadcast giving away freebies to players? Some of Eddie's weekly sweepstakes can be held at some places, such as amusement parks or any place the stake finds convenient. On some of Eddie's streams there may be more people close to him on the stream, some VIP hosts may join Saturday's live stream with him, playing games, asking questions and answers. It could also have a live stream with stake sponsored fighters. There may be a guessing game on social media and there may also be a weekly $1000 draw on YouTube, 10 lucky players will be chosen every Saturday. 
  • There may be a weekly slot race. Rules. The 20 players with the most bets registered during the week will win the prize. There would be no need for minimum bets, any stakes would be eligible. This race could also be for live games.
  • There may be a weekly slot bonus buy tournament. Rules: The 20 players who purchased the most slot bonus packages during the week would win the prize. All slot games that accept this bonus purchase feature will be eligible for the promotion.
  • There could be a weekly bonus for players who had more records of free spins in slot games, the minimum free spins to be eligible would be 10. Bonus purchases would not be eligible for this promotion, free bonus spins should be conquered naturally during the game.
  • There may be a weekly tournament for the sports multiples winners. Rules: Minimum Eligible Bet $0.50. The 20 players who registered the most winning multiple bets during the week would win the prize. The minimum total odds for the bet to be eligible should be 5.00.
  • There may be an exclusive weekly roulette with prizes in cryptocurrencies and physical gifts. All players would be eligible to spin the winning roulette once a week, or for every $100 wagered, the player would win a free spin.
  • There could be a weekly forecast of cryptocurrencies. Rules: The minimum amount to participate would be $0.10 and the maximum amount would be $25. The player would have to predict whether the cryptocurrency would depreciate or appreciate during the week. A $5,000 prize would be split among the winners.
  • The stake can have two daily lotteries for players, one $5,000 lottery and the other $1,000. Rules: The $5,000 lottery would have 5,000 tickets available for purchase, each 1 ticket would cost $1. The $1000 lottery would have 10,000 tickets available for purchase, each 1 ticket would cost $0.10. Each player can buy a maximum of 10 tickets in the $5000 lottery and 25 tickets in the $1000 lottery. There would be 25 daily winners in the $5,000 lottery and 20 winners in the $1,000 lottery. Winning ticket numbers would be chosen at random. Prizes will only be paid when all tickets are sold.
  • All players who participated in all forum promotion events would split a $5,000 prize pool at the end of each month.
  • There may be a $1000 daily coupon on the forum. Everyday this coupon would be posted on the forum, the first 100 players who redeem this coupon would win the prize, $1000 dollars would be divided by the 100 players who redeem it first, no one would know the time that these coupons would be posted. Could have a thread just to post these daily coupons.
  • There may be a $20 surprise bonus for some forum participants. 15 threads weekly would be chosen from the forum, and each winning thread would earn $20.
  • It would be interesting if there was a live stream on Youtube, for players to participate and win prizes, some players could appear in the stream. In this YouTube stream, there would be challenges, fun games, prizes, tips, giveaways and some players could even win physical gifts.
  • Hope my suggestions help. Good luck and good profits everyone!😉

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I added more suggestions.
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Giveaway every big win share via limited code, like 20, 50, 100, 500 or 1k people. Whatever amount Eddie chooses. So watching active accounts on livestream can claim first and other late comers can claim if they're early birds also. 

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Do a bonus hunt/bonus buys every stream. 

*every profit buy you multiple the profit x with 0.025$, for example, if it hits 250x and the bonus is worth 100x it would be 150x 0.025$ amount and you have a wheel for the amount of people who can redeem it.

250/500/1000/2000/3000 for example.


The wheel would like this.


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