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Sometimes it's fun to discuss the things we hate most!

Here's a list of things I dislike with the white hot intensity of a thousand burning suns - 

  • Raiden from Mortal Kombat
  • Raid insect killer
  • Swat Raids
  • The Russian in Downtown Abby: Rade Sherbedgia
  • when people misspell rode as Rade
  • Radeon graphics cards
  • TVS Radeon bikes

Feel free to reply with your own hate list! :) 

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It's an interesting thread you've created. Well my list of things I don't like:
- Nuts. I can't stand them and I don't understand how you eat them.
- Very sociable cab drivers. If I call a cab, be kind enough to just take me home without too much chitchat. It makes me sad.
- The clingy bosses. Who are very difficult to please and they cut wages.
- Fantastic. I don't like movies of that genre.
I hope there are similar people who share this kind of hate list with me. I'm a communicative person in general and love communication. I sit 24/7 on Funchatt where I talk to a lot of people. But something so far no one shares my fate with me.

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