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My Christmas Wish Lists


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6 hours ago, ubbey04 said:

Since childhood we used to expect something like presents during Christmas holidays ..

Its really a great feeling receiving something regardless of amount or value but the thoughts that counts . 

Despite the situation we are facing due to pandemic. You can still feel the spirit of Christmas in our home , community and our heart.

These year , what are your wish lists ? 


Nice dream Ubbey04 - Wist have big event from stake.

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6 hours ago, Ornietv said:

Hello lovely ubbey!!!

what a nice inspirational post!!!

Christmas is my favourite season of the year, and i am glad i ll be this year and celebrate with you all my friends in stake chat, as in last year i was not active.

My wishes are simply everyone be happy, healthy ,and accomplish their goals!!

My personal wishes, to finally find a good woman, that will take care and love for the rest of my life.

My persona wish about my self is to somehow win big on stake and fix my broken/missed teeth.

Merry Christmas to all friends even though its too early

May the good Lord showers you morethan what your heart desires . 💕

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Hello Ubey, 

I wish for the world to be a better and safe place for everyone with all the shit happening out there. 

I wish to have new experiences next year different from the ones I lived this year.

Wish to earn enough money to keep stacking without remorse and enjoy what my heart wishes for. 

Other than that prosperity, health, wealth might be enough for me. Cheers guys. Wish y'all the same

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