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Lost 20k in 1 hour


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If you don't already own one, a hard wallet is a nice way to store funds for the long term. Let's say you win $10,000. You could store $5,000 on the hard wallet and keep the rest to play with.

After winning big, the worst thing that you can do is lose all of it. It's so tempting to always want more, but that is human nature.

Storing funds on a wallet where you can limit any gambling activity, such as a hard wallet, could be the best way for you to still have crypto without losing it all gambling.

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Should of took it and ran. Even if u were still down like 10k or 5k. The casino creates the illusion you will get back to break even then screw you even worse! Its too late my friend, hope you get a max win!

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On 10/16/2021 at 12:50 PM, Zapz said:

Hey everyone. So i ran up 1k to 20k. Took my like 2 weeks but i did it. I like to think i played smart. Took out $200-500 profit out here and there and ofc had some big wins. The other day i lost it all in 1 hour. My question is what do you guys do or control yourselfs to stop playing after a certain amount. I always tell my self last deposit while im depositing but either i come out in profit or i have to lose it all. Suggestions would be great

Im plat 3 btw if that matters so ive gambled a good amount. 

I’m gonna give you a really honest answer man and I hope you read this. If you can’t control yourself when you’re up, then withdraw immediately and spend the money right away.

Pay bills in advance, go buy some electronics, clothes, or shoes that you’ve been wanting. This way you cannot deposit that money back. 

If your problem is that you cannot stop yourself from continuing to bet, Then I am not sure what to tell you. I’ve been in the same situation, but after so many times of running up a balance and busting it I have forced myself to stop and withdraw. 

If you have some friends that you have an extremely high amount of trust for, you can just shoot them a tip in-game and then they can give it back to you later when you’re off your winners high. I personally will use LTC for withdrawal (through dina) so that I can’t touch my LTC for at least an hour while the wallet I use gets the 12 confirmations needed. 

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On 10/19/2021 at 6:07 AM, Maxbet1 said:

Discipline is all we lack.

I have heard so many stories and I suffer my self from lack of discipline.

Craziest story I came so far is guy turned 300 bonus to 1 mil and than lost 99.5 percent of it back. Idk if it is true but I see my self doing it if it is me.


I try to take break or change website I play on . Anything doesn't get u tilted is what we looking for

Yeah my lack of discipline and self control ruined me aswell. I been down bad due to gambling and then i joined stake. Got down a bit more then won big over couple of hours and i told my self let's reach this amount and i stop. I was like 1k away from the "goal" and bust 35% of my bal trying to get it.  So i cashed out. And redepo the next day and lost it all. Sad time. We gotta work on the selfcontrol and discipline. Good luck mate

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