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These days will be hot bonus days for everyone at Stake!πŸ”₯🎁


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  • These days will be hot bonus days for everyone at Stake!πŸ”₯
  • Watford won the game, so we all have a bonus and a guaranteed reload! Stake was nominated for three categories at this year's Sigma iGaming Awards! If the stake wins, we'll have more surprise bonuses coming soon! Christmas is coming, so more presents for us players!🎁 
  • I'm sure this casino is the best of the best and the best time to bet is now! The stake casino is sure to make your biggest donation to all players!
  • Will we have an active top up on our accounts every day of December? Will we also have a double monthly bonus?Β Or will we have challenges that could be accessible to all players? For example: Slots Challenges that accept bets with a minimum value of $0.01.
  • What do you think? Will Stake be doing something surprising and special in the coming days to positively surprise us with their bonuses and game challenges?
  • Good luck and good profits!πŸ˜‰



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I really hope for a double monthy. I consider it more fair for everyone: with twitter drops not all the active players an catch it. With the raffles... there is honestly a low chance :/

With a double monthly people will find more money to gamble with and a part of it will just go back to Stake's balance.Β 

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