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Watford Bonus: $60 to $700


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Hey Dudes 😎

As you know, Watford bonus was yesterday and heres how I did with it. 

Using a 2x multi , I brought $60 bonus to $700 on limbo by doing the following: 

$4 bets to $80 
$8 bets to $150
$16 bets to $700 

It was a rough road and I wound up tilting hard at the end and losing a lot of this, but the build up was good.
In retrospective, I would have vaulted half every $200, but it's easy to get caught up while playing.

Let me know if this strategy works for you 😀

Good luck everyone! 


Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 10.15.11 AM.png

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Setting goals is a great way to cashout funds without playing until you lose. Getting to $60 to $700 is difficult but achievable, but the hardest thing for any gambler is to say they cashed out at the maximum point.

Hopefully you can do this again one day, and maybe that time you'd be able to say you cashed out all the profits! :D 

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You should try to switch up the multiplier when you have the feeling it will be higher. Don't change bet size just multi. Change it to 70 and give that 3-5 chances then go back to your original play and keep doing it. You'll see it hits quite often :)

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