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Escape Room Promotion - Qualifying Players


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28 minutes ago, Aizel12 said:

did you contact support? actually lots of you guys aren't on the list... they contact support and put their name there.. 


Yes, I contacted support, found my bet and got paid for this promotion. Must add to the list. On this I think that the topic can be closed. Thanks for our support! )

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@Jarrod Hey! Again, I am not on the list of promotions, although I fulfilled the necessary condition and the support told me that they would be included in the list. Can you check it somehow and fix it ?! Above is a screenshot of the latest Wild Luchador promotion - 125x

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Good day, 

I also had an issue here as well if you could check with the "Promo Team" on the status of SkyScy and the ticket I put in it already with live support to which they forwarded that request to the Promo Team would be greatly appreciated as well. 

The bet ID is 

following Casino: #63,137,221,987 

I had to dig through an archive for that when I realized I hadn't been credited for that.


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