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What are you currently watching?


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Am not currentyl watching anything but am trying so hard to get the book of eli, the star was denzel washington he is my best charactor and my best and favorite actor he knows what he does its pretty awesome. if not that am trying to get Dallas season 4 if there is any so it would help me understand where am heading and it would really be the best

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I have been watching a lot of new series lately, especially now at home.. here is my list (movies included):

  • Rick and Morty last season watching online;
  • ozark;
  • prison break (3rd time) - really love how they try to escape and how great the mind of Michael is;
  • sons of anarchy (not really my genere);
  • Freud - really nice I really enjoyed it especially  nights until 3-4 and then the next morning I had to work ahah;
  • marco polo 


  • Spenser confidential - I liked the story of how the guy wanted to bring justice no matter what
  • Blade runner 2049 - really an incredible movie - Have you ever watched it???
  • beautiful mind - a classic I believe


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4 minutes ago, Freddyzone7 said:

Money heist. Season 2, Not as good as season 1 but not too bad.  Hard to find the english voice overs


I like it too money heist... I recently learned spanish and I've put spanish language as audio and english subtitles.. they still use hard words which I am still ignorant but overall experience is really good.. have you tried this way?

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I'm currently re-watching The Big Bang Theory on putlocker https://www.firesticktricks.com/putlocker-alternatives.html. This is the best TV show ever! I watched it several times, and when it finished, I tried to find a similar great TV series, but unfortunately, nothing can be compared to it. But who knows, maybe I'll find something really good soon ☺️

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