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Hey, guys! We recently added Stake review to our youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2f1SWTYdIY

And I wanna celebrate it :)

Rules changed: I will tip 10.000 sats to everyone who subscribe to our channel, like this video and leave a comment with his Stake username and favorite game. That's it, 10 seconds, free 10k. :) But remember, guys - subscribe, like, username and favorite game in comments. More random giveaways among random subscribers who left a comment will come later.


Есть так же русская версия обзора на Stake - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TC1tq9dn68 

Мы раздаем 10.000 сатоши каждому, кто подпишется на канал, лайкнет видео и оставит комментарий с его ником на Stake и любимой игрой. Вот и все, 10к за 10 секунд. :) Так же позже будут случайные раздачи среди прокомментировавших подписчиков.


You can also like other videos on our channel, but it's not obligatory for a giveaway, just in case you wanna help us develop. ^_^

Wish you more good wins and all the best!

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3 minutes ago, AdamLevine said:

Already subscribe mate :] thanks for the review and goodluck with your channel. 


Youtube channel : imtheone

Stake username :AdamL


1 minute ago, djafar1 said:

I hope your channel grows big man and gl my stake name is djafar1 and username on youtube is bingo bango

Hey guys, thanks for the subscribe. But don't forget to like the video as in the first post said. :)

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djafar and AdamL are two most recent who already received 10k for just a minute of their time. 
And I also wanted to say thanks to everyone for your support, it means really a lot! :x

About 20 tips are already given away! Thanks everyone. :)

If you didn't check out our Stake review - don't hesitate following the rules in first post to get 10.000 sats.

More giveaways will come later. ^_~

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