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How to prevent scam via e-mail

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many of you must encountered that kind of scam attempt in your web life (getting mail from trusted website for example stake.com at least you are thinking it is :) )

mail saying that "you got some prize and for getting that please confirm your account" and giving you link where to confirm

so you clicking that link trying to login your account and so called stake website (it is actualy isnt stake but layout exact copy of it and boom your account stolen rip :(

so what you can do to prevent this


always check this part before clicking links they cant mask it as they want if mail coming from stake it must be stake.com at this example if it was realy blockchain.info it would be blockcahin.info nothing else 

so be carefull guys have fun stay safe

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Just now, djafar1 said:

I never get scammed by emails. I am too clever for that.  And I got some tricks of my own..

thats nice for you but you can be sure there are many got scammed like that not because they are not clever but they are not experinced 

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Nice tutorial :). WWe should be aware of fake emails not only from stake from our online wallet sites and other sites too 

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