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Which pet is better, Cats or Dogs?

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I don't really think that you should set a question like that while both pets have different personalities which means that dogs are more cooperative and communicative to humans while they are ''pack animals''. On the other hand, cats can be considered as ''lone hunters'' which means that sometimes they might ignore you at all or even be aggressive against you. However, both dogs and cats are cute animals who needs you love and careness. By the way, I've 3 cats in home while feeding many stray ones so, there's no space and time to own a dog at the momment.

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Haha! Y didnt i get to read this post earlier? Anything about pets, Furlicious will get involved! Lol! 

Both Dogs and Cats possess their own characters and attitudes. Its your preference whether which will be better to suit your lifestyle.  If you need a close companion whom you can lean on, dogs will be prefect. Cats matches well with cool individuals who doesnt really need too much attention and are usually independent (based from my experiences after getting to know so many cat owners thruout the years). As for me, i have 2 dogs and a cat under one roof. (they luv to cuddle into one bed) Haha! And also unaccountable of furkids under one store. (Pet Store) 


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Cats and Dogs both have unique qualities to make a perfect "pet" (companion).. it really depends on the person looking to get one.. cats are mostly very independant and can be left by themselves for long period.. where dogs are mostly needing lots of attention.. ofcourse not every cats or dogs have the same personalities.. i like both cats and dogs and have had them as companions for years.. xD

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