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Stimubate's Musical Compositions of Wonderful yet Unfortunate Events

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My name is Gabriel , GTKir, or King Virgo and I like to compose music for fun. I have trouble communicating and it is hard to express how I feel with talking, but I am able to do so with music and how I felt at the time of each song. I used to make one song a day like a journal. I am self taught and poor so that is why it doesn't sound good, I'm no taylor swift or george clooney. wait....what?

I also do instrumental covers of song I love. I also like to make nice beautiful music for my daughter. 



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On 1/24/2018 at 7:10 AM, Viksen said:

Do you sell this music somewhere? It is perfect for screen savers and computer games, especially horror movies. Very cool


wow. it`s very very beautiful . And your daughter is very cute and replica of you:x

I wish your family happiness 

Aw thank you so much :) there is more music at www.soundcloud.com/gtkir and i also like to make videos to even turning a bunch of photos into a nice video. 

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23 hours ago, meggiemegs said:

Pretty cool. and not bad at all. The quality is'nt bad either. What DAW do you use to make your tunes? I like reason and ableton live. I have some of my own music i have made but i don't have it uploaded to anything to link it just have saved on pc.

Hey I just come up with the notes playing on the guitar, then i write it down on paper so I don't forget later, then I use this program called "GuitarPro 5" and enter my notes that I created for each instrument. then once i wrote it all out and like it, I export the file as a MIDI, then I use a program called FL studio to import my Midi file so that I can then assign instruments to each track to play my notes. Then sometimes use Adobe Audition to make some edits or whatever. I don't use any premade beats, everything (other than the cover songs I sometime do) is made from scratch basically. :) it's fun haha. 

22 hours ago, hamur said:

stimubate you are realy lucky man to have that family i wish you happy and healthy life with your family forever

thank you Hamur! I was very lucky indeed, unfortunately I haven't been able to see my daughter for almost 4 years now since the divorce. :( that is how I got into bitcoin gambling, so that I can win enough money to fight my way back into her life again one day :)

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12 hours ago, stimubate said:

New Song!! I am not happy with it so i am working on it some more to get it right, but here is what i have so far! hope you enjoy it, it is different tho! I'm no Beethoven or George Clooney. 

@Bojana @Irena @Etude

 It is definitely different from those I have heard before :$ I like it either way, 1st part reminds me of some movie soundtrack, and a second part of some macabre, creepy video game :x

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