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Hey, friends :) I'm giving small (up to 200k) short term (max 10 days) loans with 5-10% daily interests.

Borrowers eligibility.

Before you post a loan request, I hope, that you:

* have more than 100 posts in forum

* have no negative feedback

Of course, I can after some research reject loan request without explanation, even if you fit this criteria.

For amounts, bigger than 200k and interests less than 10% requests may be accepted, if only you:

* have more than 500 posts

* have exelent reputation/feedbacks

* are moderator or from support

* can provide some collateral or proofs, how you will pay

Here is possibility of partial repayments. In that case, your partial payment will cover a half of interests and a half of loan amount. F.e., you have a 100k loan, after 5 days you have 100k*10%*5=50k of interests. So if you make a 80k payment in 5th day, 40k will cover interests (10k left), and 40k will cover loan amount (60k left). From that moment you will have 60k loan with 10% daily interests + 10k unpaid interests.

Here is also possibility of payment from other resources, than Stake. In this case I will deduct 5% of received amount and use left amount for your loan covering. For now I can accept payments in:

* Stake forum     * FaucetHub.io      * Spectrocoin.com     * Zoomdice

Please, don't PM. All PM's from noobs and bank accounts will be reported. Post your request in this topic, with amount, payment date and Stake username.

List of open loans:

@michelleleeann, (30 Jan, 100k, 10% daily, until 31 Jan) suspended on 10 Feb for total amount 210k. Unpaid amount left: 210k.

@Ymerej, (3 Feb, 200k, 10% daily, until 13 Feb) reported on 19 Feb

@chrisconn63, 5 Feb, 200k, 10% daily, extended until 17 Feb.

@wanderex, 12 Feb, 200k, 10% daily, until 21 Feb.

@nik1211, 13 Feb, 120k + 19 Feb 100k, 5% daily, until 25 Feb.

@StrikeBALL, 14 Feb, 200k, 5% daily, until 21 Feb.

@oxywizard, 20 Feb, 200k, 10% daily, until 2 March.

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1 hour ago, wanderex said:

Username : wanderex

Amount : 300k

Payback: 8-9 days 5% daily

I can offer 200k, 10% daily.

59 minutes ago, oxywizard said:

Username : oxywizard

Amount : 250k

Payback : 1-4days

10% daily


Amount : 500k

Payback : 1-4days

15% daily

200k, 10% daily.

1 hour ago, jkd123 said:

Username : jkd123

Amount : 200k

Payback : 1-10 days 10% daily

200k sent, 10% daily until 9 Feb.

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