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Top 3 coins to watch in february

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Hi Guys, just want to share DataDash Coins pick for month of Febuary.


ICX - Great project. Use of mainnet edge nya sa ibang cryptos. Coming from ICO already secured lots of partnership.

Railblocks - Use different method of sending coin instead of blockchain they are using railblocks. Zero fee and you dont have to wait for a long time for transaction to arrive. A game changer for 2018.

BTC - Came from bearish month BTC expected to be bullish for February (This a warning to make plan for your trade). Reason for that is koreans will resume their BTC trading. Koreans most largest market in Asia for cryptos bring massive trading volume.

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Thanks for the information. Railblocks can be a great relief as Blockchain transaction fees are very high. 

Hope trading volume increases soon boosting the bitcoin price up again.

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Interesting information. For some reason, I remembered the post of one author: In order for transactions to be confirmed, they must be packaged in a block that meets strict cryptographic requirements and must be verified by the network. This description was given on twitter editor https://devmyresume.com/technical-resume/ - very interesting. These rules do not allow changing the previous block, so in this case all the following blocks would be invalid.

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