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Youtuber Acid attack prank take huge backlash: Do you think he crossed the line?

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Do you think he crossed the line?

Another YouTube star is in hot water and YouTube is taking heat for it, as well. This time, it is due to YouTube star Arya Mosallah pretending to throw acid in people’s faces for his vlog. He completed his fake “acid” attacks all over London by sneaking up on unsuspecting people and throwing cups of water in their faces.

Although YouTube did remove the video, because it violated the bullying and harassment policy of the website, it was seen over a million and a half times. This is particularly disturbing because the United Kingdom is plagued by actual acid attacks on a regular basis. The number has gone up in recent months, so you can only imagine how terrified these unsuspecting people were when they saw the water coming toward them.

In December, it was reported by The Guardian that one of the highest rates of corrosive substance attacks in the world is in Great Britain. Last April, over 20 people were hurt in a night club in London during one of these horrendous attacks where a man poured acid into the crowd.

Whole story Link below: 


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