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Becoming Creative

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                                      _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Creative Senses 

               I am Fourth, that is my display name in this site, I am honestly a new comer. and i am a person who likes to  express what is inside my thoughts through literary pieces and works, but it is not recognized yet. and now i was able to explore this site and jump into another level of contribution. Here, my thoughts would count and would be helpful as long as I keep it meaningful and productive in a sense that people who'll jump into it would get value and learn something nice and useful. So now here I am, I want to share some things i put into mind when i write an article, essay, or a blog. This is the things I do, now, lets jump to "Becoming Creative" 

These things are not complex, they are simple, 
first, think of something you are good at, your special skills, like cooking, driving, programming, singing, dancing and other talents that is known through out the universe. Then pick a title,
choose the best title. after which start your article by choosing three special words that is very much related to your topic, then after which connect yourself, your whole inner self to a specific experience from which you learned a lot, or an experience that is very unforgettable then write it down and pick up the life principles that others may use and may attract their interest.

If you succeed in doing that, your bran will automatically generate ideas that is interrelated to what you are doing, and you'' be surprised after you finish your article and be like "hey, this is nice".
I could say because I usually say that in my experience, well i guess the words will change but im sure this will help. 

so that's that, 
try and start BECOMING CREATIVE :) 

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I also had this idea and even made some plans for implementation on paper. But the idea did not go further 😕. I write so-so, especially if I need to briefly and sparkly convey a thought. because I myself am very difficult to achieve the desired result😜 So I can only admire those who have a talent for writing texts, such that I want to read and reread.

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I never start with the title. It's rather awkward that my story begins from the last episode and it's always so. When I start writing, I imagine only the final event and a situation that can happen to the characters and then build "a tree of events" in reverse order. Somehow it's easier for me.




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