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One major holiday is over (christmas and NY celebration) and I'm sure a lot of us have gained weight because of this  

I remembered when I was chatting with @athena2007, the goddess, and we're talking about how we gained weight esp. in the belly area and kinda made a "pact" to start losing weight.  I'm sure a lot of us know that RICE is the major factor when it comes to our food (ASIAN). Apart from the food, I don't have much exercise lately (due to weather or busy schedule and by being lazy lol)  One thing more, people who barely see me last year was kinda shocked whenever i see them now ahahaha. So this gives me a bit of motivation to go ahead and start walking again. Why walk? My doctor wont allow me to run or do major exercises so i just walk or do some minor ones like gym (although i havent tried going to gym and use those machines etc) i had some muaythai lessons before as well but my favorite activiity is climbing the 300+ steps in our park. I start to walk in the morning around 630am and it would take me about 15 mins to reach the park (briskwalking) and climb the stairs for about 2-3 rounds, rest, do a couple of walking and stretching then if I can- I repeat the process  I usually spend around an hour to 2hrs to finish my session (going to the park, steps, and going back home).


When it comes to pure FAT BURN, climbing stairs is one of the best exercises that i can tell. It strengthens the lower body,helps you lose few inches from those love handles and belly,  tones the butt, thighs, calves, and it's great for building great abs 


For some they run the stairs going up- that is also good but since i can't run, I DONT!  I might hurt myself when I do.. I just do step by step, small pacing, either walk sideways or whatever is more comfortable for me (I usually prefer the sideways since as you can see in that photo below, the stairs are kinda steep) but as long as I  reach the top and go back down, finish that 300 steps,  I'm already happy lol


Anyway, my goal is to lose about 35-40 pounds of weight by June. Let's just say it would be my best birthday gift to myself  So I'l continue walking that 300 steps and Hoping for a positive result in the near future 


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steps are great for toning, you're getting physical activity, getting the heart rate up, so yes, if you're eating well, you should loose weight and lose inches in the areas you're working. However, your body will reach a point where it gets used to it causing you to plateau. Meaning it will start giving great results but will hold over time. To give the body variety and achieve overall weightloss a great thing to alternate with is the good ol fashioned treadmill and walk a 4mph for 45mins to an hour. Very helpful.

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