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                  Hi everyone! I am fourth, well that's not my real name, but its my display name, I am a new comer and been posting for 3 days, i see this is a place where I can share the entertaining things that I know, well maybe some of your already knows about this already but i just wanna share and see if you get value from it :) 

 So it is about online movie streaming, there is a good, legitimate, free and fast respond movie site, its 123movies.to
see, this online movie streaming site have latest movies that are on the cinema and its all FOR FREEEE! :) Well not all of them but I'm sure that you'll find what you wanted to see in here :) 
My Girlfriend and I are fond of watching movies, but instead of going to the cinema we just sit and stream online, its more enjoying plus it doesn't cost us that much. 
We always use the site and its been really fun! The website can stream at an average internet speed, 
I'm from Philippines and honestly, internet here ain't that fast compared to foreign lands, but we stream movies online just fine :) thanks to 123movies.to
sooo of you want to have some "Movie Time" Try it out :)

                                    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F O U R T H -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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10 minutes ago, fourth04 said:

Uhmm I think its not, because the show is HD, so i thk its really an open source type


Quality doesn't matter. If you don't own rights or paid for it, its copyright violation. 

You can do what you want, this is just a friendly reminder.

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yeah.... I think I have heard of this and as captainlorca stated above it is illegal in some certain countries. I just use netflix to be on the safe side. ;D

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I do not prefer watching movies via live broadcast. Frankly, I like to watch movies in the evening with my friends in the cinemas or on TV, but I will definitely visit your site, and watch its content from the movies.

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