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Now, when the film has reached almost the highest stage of development, there is a lot of new movies.

They are all different and each one has its own meaning. There are many books which shoot good films.

My favorite movie is the Matrix and Lord of the rings. These 
movies at the moment consists of 3 parts and 6 parts.

I think this movie is interesting not only to me, because he's fantastic with mysticism. And some boring gray days, and to at least a little to dilute people watching movies (preferably horror or fantasy).:D

In this picture I have my favorite moments. When Neo in part 3 says "wait, something changed I can feel it" and after these words I, too, begin to feel them)):D

And in the hobbit and the Lord of the rings I like adventure and travel in which they are immersed is very interesting and lots of cool graphics !xD

I love colorful movies shot with style !

-What movies do you watch?

-What genre do you like?

-What can you tell us about your favorite movies?

-Do you have time to visit cinemas?

-Which movie are you looking forward to?

-whether you love to watch movies before bed ?

-Your favorite moments from the films, and can be any memorable phrase?

-What can you recommend to see ? How to choose a genre movie?

share your experiences about your best movies in this post!!!:D

I want to know your preferences and what you can recommend me!!!:D

Share your answers with each other-maybe that someone will be useful here!!!:D



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I think that our tastes with the previous message are similar, I do not always look before I go to bed ... how tired I am playing,

кароче ну нафиг этот гугл переводчик хрень переводит...

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A stylish, heart-pounding and super-charged action-packed thriller. A smart, gripping, intense and exhilarating thrill-ride loaded with break-neck suspense and explosive action from start to finish. It will keep you guessing right to the end with every explosive twist and turn It has plenty of gun-fights, eye-popping stunts and intense fights. This movie packs a wallop. A strong and compelling story with great character development. It's sharp, well-crafted, exceptionally performed and right-on target. A full-throttle, wickedly entertaining and cool as hell action flick. Jason Statham and Ben Foster are electrifying, these two are kicking ass and delivering strong performances together. It's their most compelling roles yet. A stunning and ultra-charged adrenaline-rush that delivers insanely. It's a film that packs just as much star power as it does fire-power. This is one hell of an exhilarating action flick that you don't want to miss. It's fierce, thrilling and intensely unpredictable. I loved it.


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My favorite movie is John Wick ,ohrinitelno movie!!! in one breath!
Keanu Reeves, Ian Machanayim Defoe - very cool))!A great action movie. The setting, action scenes, shooting everything at the highest level, Keanu handsome.

I love movies with them because time flies),most of all I love romance,especially the film youth insurance)

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The Transporter

Roughly 90 minutes is all this film needs to complete its story. The first 10 minutes define the title with great success, before slowing drifting away from its concept. The plot is simple, straight to the point, and moves with a brisk pace.

The action is stylized and is in high abundance. The bulk of the fun is comprised of hand to hand combat, along with a nice helping of guns and other melee weapons. The driving aspect dissolves by the halfway point as the film becomes more of an action adventure, rather than one about transporting.

Jason Statham is calm and cool, as his character is written. Shu Qi delivers a watchable performance as well. Matt Schulze is nothing more than a cliched villain.

The Transporter doesn't offer anything out of the ordinary; however, it satisfies as a quick watch.



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I love movies based on real events. I like to watch before bed .Movies like Hachiko ,
Squadron "Lafayette" Thing is brave, and many others . Such films transmit in the atmosphere and you, knowing that it is actually completely absorbed in the film.




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I don't think that I have ever or that I will ever love any movie as much as I love "American History X". Is it the fact that Edward Norton is walking-talking SEX in this movie, or the strong message it sends, to me it never gets boring and every time I watch it, I get some new beauty sucked out from it, dunno why, but this movie just does it for me! :D I would add also "The Rules of Attraction" - I laugh, "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" - I cry! and "The Barber of Siberia" - I cry! to the list of my personal favorites! :x


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Most of all i like psychological thrillers,horror movies,detective movies and  historical films. 

My favorite film is "The Shawshank Redemption"



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