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Debit/Credit card to BTC

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buying through cards here with limits and strict rules but no verification needed other than phone number and email

using a portal or something like that to a bank account :D would be very nice to be able to just buy in from the site for us old users and new ones who dont really get the crypto world but likes gambling. ok leave comments here if you agree or have similar thoughts?

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27 minutes ago, lupandina said:

I agree, that it may be comfortable for us, but it's so unsafe... users card's info, witch can be stolen... Stolen credit cards... hmmm... 

Agree and so easily fraudulent and as easy as that would be for us I would highly recommend not to do so for merchants sake. There's a reason for verifications and steps and hastle in buying btc with debit/credit. The risk is tremendous. 

18 minutes ago, SovietDoggo said:

Or something like Skrill.

If people had skrill however it is much safer as skrill to my understanding would hold the risk for fraudulent charges. Though I'm not sure for certain it wouldn't just run like paypal. 

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