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Hi stakers and stakettes!

Guess what? Its me again. Crawling over the forums. ????

And speaking of crawling, I got some webby topic for you guys today. Nyehehehe. ???

Again, great prognosticators! You read it on the title! ?? This is about spider fights! Jan, jararan.. Jan jan jan! ???

So have you even heard of this type of gambling? Lemme share you this, as this is one of the famous types of derby on my country. (I live in the PH, Pearl or the Orient.)

Spider fight or also called "Fighter Derby" is a fight to the death match between 2 brave spiders, which resides on several parts of our globe.

This is one of the famous matches in the Philippines. I also heard that it is being done to other asian countries like Japan (konichiwa! ?‍♀️), Singapore and others.

How does this fight initiated. So, the managers of the respective spiders will sign a contract, and attend press conference and weigh ins.

Joke. Im just messing with ya. ??

Simple. You have to have your own spider first. These beasts can be caught on trees, those parts of the forests or farms with trees. Most of them are hiding on dried leaves. Some are just being the spider that they are and creates webs to trap prey. It is easy to catch them at night.

Or if you are too scared to wander to the jungle at night, you can buy from those who hunt them.

Usually, lady spiders are the ones who are battle-ready. I really dont know why, but thats how it is. I figured out they're female because way back elementary, i bought 5 fighters and fed them house spiders ( those spiders you see at your ceiling, rooms, and everywhere inside the house.) that dont fight at all. Then when the fighters get stuffed, they got big. After a few days, they laid damn eggs! (Looks like a cotton ball with an orange core.)

Anyways, if you have your own fighter, you can now look for matches and bet on the fight.

The spiders are set up on a stick, where they will be released to bump to each other. Once it happens, the fight starts. First one to get webbed, or gets eaten is the loser.

Kindly check the pic below. Credits to Wikipedia for the photo. No copyright intended.


The more wins you get, the more profit of course. But also important, bragging rights and reputation of your beast.

You can get sets of spiders. At least 5 beasts you can condition if you really wanna enter a derby and take this seriously.

I condition the boys by not touching them. Usually, if you let them out and let them crawl to you, they spread their tiny hairs on their body, which enhances their senses. Thus, if they spread that away, their senses will lower down.

I also feed them milk. I use a small piece of cotton, wet it with baby milk, and put it on their cells. They suck onto it, as if they're sucking a prey.

1 day before a derby, I dont feed the boys. So that the next day, they're battle hungry. Literally hungry.

So, what do you think? Are you in to this kinda sport?

Do you think spider fights are cool? I do think so. And with a proper mind set and conditioning, you can make some money with this brave MMA arachnids. ??

Comment your thoughts below, websters! ????


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7 hours ago, Etude said:

Um this is interesting lol :o

Yea. Its fun to watch them fight. 😊

More interesting part is, the conditioning phase. It lets you take care of these beast, getting them ready for action. 🔥🔥🔥

2 hours ago, HappyBitcoin said:


Please do it. You put so much thought into it you have too


Whaaaat? 🤔🤔🤔

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