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The OR game

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Heya stakers and stakettes!

Hope everybody is having good games and lucky days.

Anybody up for a game here. Come on now guys. Hahaha.

So, I had this good idea here. Something that will, I must say, "tickle" your mind.

You know, when ever we are bored or what not, a game will always, surely change how you feel for the day. Lots of things that we can think of, to remove the boredom or even relieve stress. But surely, playing games will be a big help. 😊

Well, I assume that all, or most of us here are aware what to choose on critical situations. Do or die. Something like that.

Yea. You guessed it. This will test how you choose on a fast ball. Hahahaha. Actually, this was already played and is still being played on the PD forums. And I just wanted to bring it here to add some fun in the forums. Credits to fabiana for the game concept. 😉😁😊

So, without further delays, this is the "OR" game!

The instructions or steps are very easy and very simple.

Just pick an answer between the choices give by the person above you, or from the person who last responded on the thread.

Alright! So just tell me when ever you guys are ready!

Ready, set, go!

I will start the thread!

Lebron James or Kobe Bryant? 😉


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