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what will happen to bitcoin in 2018

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The year 2017 has become a landmark for bitcoin (Bitcoin). Even those who didn't have any idea what digital currency, ever heard that magic word.

It was everywhere — in Newspapers, on TV, on radio, on the Internet. And no wonder: for only 11 months, the bitcoin has risen in price by 20 times (from $900 to $20,000).

High demand pushed her higher and higher on cryptomeria queues of those wishing to unprecedented profits.

In just one week — from 12 to 17 December — bitcoin lost more than 45% in price.

This crushing collapse has shown that the strategy of "buy only" ("buy only") can be not only profitable for traders and investors, but also very ruinous.

During the fall of bitcoin, many other cryptocurrencies have grown. This suggests that crypto investors do not want to leave the market, but simply, depending on the situation, shift from bitcoin to other coins and back.

No one wants to part with the opportunity to receive hundreds and thousands of percent of profits.

Therefore, it is not necessary to wait for a mass outflow of funds from the crypto market to Forex or the stock market.

The only question is which of the coins in 2018 will be the most effective object for investment.

Will bitcoin be able to hold its leading position or will it be replaced by another cryptocurrency, for example, ether?

-So what is waiting for bitcoin in 2018? Buy it? Sell?

-Or just forget about these now, such an unstable virtual coins?

-I want your opinion on this, what do you think?

-Or are the best bitcoin times yet to come?:D


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Yes, in connection with the emergence of the technology of blockade and the appearance of bitcoin, many followers came up and especially many of them appeared against the backdrop of a rise in the price of the well-known crypto currency bitcoin. Of course, many ask themselves: what kind of script is capable of growing like a bitcoin in order to buy it today, and in six months or a year it is possible to live comfortably and provide all the blessings by buying just a few coins. Many connoisseurs of cryptology make predictions, but whether they should believe, and which crypt "shoots" in the price tomorrow, no one knows for sure, all these are assumptions. This can be called a lottery, if you invest in some kind of coins and they will grow, you will become richer))) In which currency to invest or not to invest at all, it's up to you. In my opinion, today Ethereum (ETH) is worthy of attention, but this is only my subjective opinion and it is not necessary for them to be guided for their further actions on acquiring crypts))


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