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Post your best joke here

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On 2/12/2018 at 12:09 PM, hux said:

everyone post your best joke here please i am very bored and need a laugh xD

need a laugh same :)


On 4/5/2018 at 2:42 PM, Вася said:

Gingerbread hanged himself,  hah lol))) 

Fanny little joke)) 


On 4/3/2018 at 10:59 AM, arteemosh said:

You’re one in a million China has a population of a billion people. One billion. That means even if you’re a one in a million kind of guy, there are still a thousand others exactly like you. :P:P


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4 minutes ago, bashan said:


i think its not a joke but it is true . the purpose of these things is to shorten the time of communicating of getting informations,messages or any other news. these things are invented because of before we are just using mailman. or pigeons? maybe ahaha .just to send messages from one place to another .

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